Things You Must Carry When Going For A Camp

Many families like spending their vacations away from home, most likely on a camping trip. In recent times most families also prefer to take short gate away trips during public holidays or weekends. Whatever the reason for you taking some time away from home, you should always make sure that your family has the desired fun by preparing way ahead of time. For those who have experience in trips, you will bear us witness that there is nothing that can ruin a vacation like having a tent that is leaking, or even discovering that somebody has forgotten their prescription medication.

Camping Essentials is not something that one should joke about. Most people think that since they have packed enough food and water, then there is no need to give a lot of essence in what is on the checklist. This is wrong. From past cases, every year a large number of people are injured, are taken ill, or they even die when they are in camp due to some reasons that could be avoided. To make sure that you don’t encounter such incidences here are some of the things that you should make sure that you have with you before you go out camping:

Things you to carry when going camping


The number one thing that you should ensure that you have carried is medication. Make sure to carry enough that will last the entire time that you are in your camp. And if it is a medication that is essential to your life, be sure to locate a pharmacy that is nearby the place that you will be camping. Locate it on a map and mark it, if possible write their phone number and address. This way if disaster strikes and you lose your medication then you will be able to fix the situation easily.


Another thing that is essential and you will not forget to carry along is water. Be sure to determine if there will be a resupply location near your camping area, have them mapped out. It is usually advisable that you should not go out camping without any added means on how you can purify your water. Safe drinking water is vital for the survival of all of you, and you cannot take it for granted when you are outdoors. When going camping, always ensure that you have a small packet of water treatment tablets with you.

Make sure you have enough food

If you are going to have an extended camping trip, then you should make sure that you have a complete plan for each day. Remember to carry extra food.

First aid kit

It is a common rule that no camper or hiker should go outdoors without carrying a first aid kit with them. This will ensure that you deal with every situation as even something minor like a small cut can turn out to be deadly if not properly treated or cleaned. Additionally, you should know that something small and common as a headache can ruin an otherwise fun-filled trip. If you have the above and many other camping essentials that we have not mentioned, you will have a marvelous and joyful camping trip.